Phew! One month in and Spider Web Recruitment is certainly alive and well.

It’s been pretty amazing to see how the East Anglian business community has welcomed a new tool in their ‘Talent Box’. Being a flat fee online recruitment service seems to have hit the mark with a number of clients and now that we see green shoots in our economy more companies are recruiting and planning to recruit. Spider Web Recruitment will help with this without being a huge drain on cost and resources. This month we’ve seen candidates from Marketing, Accountancy, IT, Administration, Customer Service and Sales and the responses have been very positive. Our aim is to help SME business in the Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire area source the very best candidates that are online with minimal cost and minimal hassle.

We’ll bring you all of the news on our development of this new innovative start up business that is passionate about reducing recruitment costs without reducing quality. The trials and tribulations, our views and news, all here at

Spider will weave it’s web . . . this is a recruitment service with legs.