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Part Two of Looking for a New Role… Use your network! 
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Maintaining Networks

The network is a great tool, but like every tool it needs to be properly maintained. You need to stay in touch with those in your network, offer as much help as you receive and validate that others are doing the same. It is always good to ask for or provide updates, so that people are current with your situation and that of others. People in your network could help one of your friends or colleagues, just as much as they could then return the favour through their own connections and contacts for you. It is therefore important to keep on top of the network, validate the members and ensure communication channels remain open.

The Importance of shared value and commitment

The old saying of one good turn deserves another should not be forgotten. Always make a note of those who do favours for you and what can be done in return. The value of the network is about shared value, the time and effort members put in and commit to helping one another. That’s when you will see a return on investment, but always be wary of those who do not participate beyond their own agenda. Word spreads in a network if people are always on the take and never give. It should also be remembered that a network is not just about finding work, it can be used to share advice, gather information, gauge thoughts etc. It is a powerful information gathering and knowledge sharing tool that can serve you in many more ways than just finding your next role.

I remain a strong and committed believer in the power of the network, and if you can develop, maintain and utilise yours effectively, it will go a long way in helping you get to where you aim to be. 

Giles O’Halloran is an experienced HR, Talent and Recruitment professional. He has worked for a number of respected recruitment firms (both as a recruitment consultant and in HR), but started his HR and talent career with IBM. Giles has spent over 15 years providing CV, interviewing and professional networking advice, and he is also a monthly columnist for a leading career transition publication. He is fascinated by the world of work and a passionate networker. Feel free to connect with him via Linkedin or Twitter @GilesOHalloran