My mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2014 and since then she has been so so brave, we are all very proud of her…she has fought cancer and we hope beaten it…her chemo has now finished but her fight continues for awhile longer but anyone who knows her will know that Linda Woods is made of very strong stuff.  

The chemo unit at Ipswich Hospital is a place where in my Mum’s case hope lives although it can’t be described as the most comfortable place to face what my Mum and so many other cancer sufferers have to face.

So I run my first long distance race for the Woolverstone Wish which will help to raise money to refurbish the Chemotherapy and Outpatients Clinic at Ipswich Hospital.  I also race because today I can and there will be a day when I can’t… 

Please sponsor me here:

For more details on our local marathon take a look here and for more information on the Woolverstone Wish charity take a look here