There’s no easy way to recruit staff – Recruiting is one of the toughest tasks a business can face and there is quite frankly no miracle cure.

There will be many recruitment agencies, job boards, flat fee recruitment advertisers and recruitment ‘gurus’ all tell you that they have the miracle cure for your recruitment pain.  Don’t believe them.  They simply don’t.  In fact recruiting is one of the toughest tasks a business can face and there is quite frankly no miracle cure.  No recruiter in the world can tell you that they get the right candidate every time.  It just doesn’t happen…even to the very best recruiters and recruitment companies.

You can spend every second of the recruitment process cultivating, titivating and ensuring the candidate wants you as much as you want them.  You can be the most forward thinking and innovative business in the local area.  You can be known for your duvet days and free banana’s. Yet still when it comes to human beings we are unfortunately the most unreliable product in the world.  With the twists and turns of our individual lives and the impact that others have on our lives what one day can be a perfect employer fit, can turn overnight, into an unacceptable offer.  As business managers we shake our heads and wonder where we went wrong…

Firstly don’t take it personally.  It isn’t you.  It’s just people. Remember you may have to kiss a few frogs to find the perfect Prince (or indeed Princess in these politically correct times we live…).  Sometimes an additional sprinkling of magic dust from the Fairy Jobmother does the trick and the process works like a dream.  You find your ideal candidate (and there are plenty around), they like you, you like them.  They start work.  The End.

Over the coming months Spider will offer some wise nuggets of recruitment know how to help business in the East Anglian region adapt their recruitment process to the emerging ‘candidate’ market place and talk all things recruitment.

Our next hot topic will be all about the Recruitment Advertising Strategy and where you should be searching for the perfect candidate.  Want to know more now?  Email Michelle Pollard – our very own ‘Fairy JobMother’ and recruitment expert on

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