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What a night! Some fantastic Suffolk businesses together all in one place. Spider were lucky enough to bag a finalist spot, along with many other top businesses, so we already feel super happy for being considered.

But in these situations, it’s difficult to push down that little, uncourteous monster inside you that’s desperate to escape….

So, here are 5 things not to do if you don’t ensnare that winners title…


  1. Do not stampede onstage and swipe the award out of Aponic’s hands, screaming “MINE!” – This would be hugely inappropriate, we want to at least pretend we can accept loss graciously…


  1. Do not rugby tackle Terry Baxter because you were not invited to grace the stage with him– your emotional response is best imprisoned within an overtly jovial smile.


  1. Spider, do not photobomb all the winner’s celebratory photos, wearing a Spider headband – don’t try to become overly involved, this is not your moment, but next time; who knows?


  1. Do not drink reactively – Again, this would lead to a release of emotion that wouldn’t go down well. Suck it up, and move on, your time will come.


  1. Do not dwell you’ll get em next time – The finalist title is nearly as good as winning in our book, every finalist (and) winner were worthy of this prestigious opportunity!


Here at Spider HQ, we are super proud to have been considered finalist material for Small Business 2017. A massive thankyou to our hosts, The University of Suffolk, and to everyone at Archant who invited us for consideration.

Congratulations to our fellow finalists, we were honoured to be in the company of such awesome people. Until next year guys! 😊