Vice Chair Michelle Pollard has been in the recruitment industry, locally and nationally for over 28 years and is owner of local web recruitment company Spider. Michelle is avid about supporting the local economy and is Vice Chair of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce, a board member of Suffolk business Woman and an Inward Investment Ambassador for Suffolk.

“I was thrilled when I was invited to join the Suffolk Skills Show Steering Group as Vice Chair.” Said Michelle.

“ The show is vital to inform young people about vocational skills and apprenticeships, career pathways and the choices and opportunities that are available to them in our county and I am proud to be involved with such an important event.”

“The show is so important to educate and inspire our young people.  As a parent myself of teenagers I have a vested interest in skills and career choices.  One size does not fit all, university and college is not always the root every child wants to take, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gaining an apprenticeship and getting out into the world of work sooner. The key is to get the correct information and the guidance.”

“In my line of work, I am continuously being told there is a skills shortage and that employers cannot find the right candidates. We do need to ‘skill up’ but we also need to educate young people in how to apply for a job, how to produce a CV, how to send this to an employer and how to look and perform at an interview.”

“I left school just before my 16th birthday and went straight into work.  I am lucky that I am in the position today from pure hard work and determination. I am not sure if in today’s environment I would be where I am today, but what I would say is if you are a parent of a child who is lucky enough to have a great skill or talent encourage them to us it to their best advantage whether this is through a vocational or non vocational route. We all have a responsibility to inspire and raise the aspirations of the next generation.”

Michelle will be giving advice at the event on CV skills and tips on how to find a job. “Think social media, linkedin, the Internet is not just for fun it is becoming the place to find the latest opportunities and where most employers are advertising their positions.” She added “Equally your own social media face is important, so be careful how you use it and use it to our advantage.”

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