Spider HQ are so pleased to announce our very own ‘Miss Norfolk’ Natalie Sexton…

Following their fantastic success in Suffolk, Spider are now extending their web into Norfolk with their cost-effective online recruitment model and recruitment veteran Natalie Sexton taking the lead.

Norfolk-native Natalie knows a few things about finding the right candidates for a job, with several years’ experience in online job advertising.

“We’re keeping the business model the same,” explains Natalie. “It’s a proven success. I’ll be out there building those business relationships, listening to my client’s needs, and generally flying the Spider flag loud and proud from my Norwich base.

“I understand this business community, and I’m delighted to offer them a service that’s bringing recruitment to the next level.”

Having seen how the Spider-effect works first hand, Natalie says, “I’ve worked with Spider’s competition in the past and to be honest, I always found it difficult to compete with their offering. Being able to provide a high-calibre of potential candidates with a one-off fixed fee is an attractive proposition for business managers who often feel they are throwing money down a well with traditional recruitment agencies.”

“Believe me when I tell you Spider’s clients are loyal. Once they’ve had the Spider experience, they don’t have much time for other recruitment companies .”

When the opportunity to join Spider came along, Natalie didn’t hesitate. “It’s exciting to be part of such a forward-thinking business with a growing brand. You can’t ignore the impressive impact their service offering has made on Suffolk’s business scene – and across the wider region. I love the confidence I have in being able to offer Norfolk businesses a superior recruitment package, with no hidden costs. I’m over the moon to be a part of that.”

Michelle Pollard, Managing Director of Spider, added: “We’re already working with a lot of businesses in Norfolk and we’re keen to support even more. With Natalie having a permanent presence there, we’re excited that we can extend the same excellent level of customer service that we’ve become known for in Suffolk. It’s a very exciting time.”