So, it’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Chances are if you do hate it, you’re probably being made to watch it anyway! But for the next 7 weeks, as soon as the clock strikes 9pm most of the population are tuning in to watch the blossoming relationship between Dani and Jack, find out if Adam REALLY is 22, and see if Doctor Alex will ever be coupled up with his potential wife and mother of his children.

Now, everyone who does watch the show (or even doesn’t), will have their own opinions on the contestants this year, but do you think the show has managed to successfully recruit quality, realistic candidates to fit the bill?

The popular show had over 85,000 applications this year! They can only have used a similar method to Spider to response handle all of those applications.

Bringing all this back to recruitment, you might not want over 85,000 applications to your vacancies, but you do want as many quality relevant and local responses as possible. The best way to achieve this is to get your vacancy live on as many multiple leading job boards as you can, this way you are reaching an audience as wide as possible. Candidates tend to have their favourite site when job searching, so by only advertising through one platform you are only reaching one segment of the job seeker market.

Now, Love Island doesn’t exactly need to sell themselves in their adverts to bring responses in, but this isn’t always the same story for companies. Struggling to find ‘the one’? Try outlining the benefits of working with you in your recruitment adverts. Free tea / coffee? Flexible working? Excellent bonus / commission structure? Gym on site? Whatever it might be, put it on your advert! Benefits like these could be what sways the perfect candidates to apply for your job. Also, not outlining the salary on offer is a big no no. Candidates can be negative and somewhat cynical about companies who do not show what’s on offer.

Plus, you also don’t see Love Island advertising ‘Anonymously’, that most definitely wouldn’t have generated the same number of love (or fame – whatever way you look at it!) seeking candidates.. Did you know that advertising with all your company details and logo can not only bring you up to 30% more responses, but it also brings in more direct contact from candidates who would love to work with you.

Spider can be your very own Love Island and help you couple up with the ideal candidate for your job. We are there to hold your hand, provide you with advice and assist you along the way to ensure your candidate is saying, ‘I would like to couple up with this company because…’

Actively recruiting? Call Spider to see how we can help find the candidate that is your type on paper! See our testimonials page to see who has found their ideal match through Spider already.

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Written by Natalie Sexton