As the end of the year draws ever nearer and the dreaded ‘C’ word is already being mentioned, I have started to reflect on the year’s business activities and how it seems we, as business owners, have this year faced many obstructions to our businesses doing business.

The list of barriers began with ‘the Beast from the East’ in late February/early March, halting the operations of many companies across our region. Whether it be transport and logistics issues, staff getting snowed in or broken heating in the office, the blizzards and cold weather affected us all in some way. It has been calculated that the UK economy lost around £1bn per day as a result of the wintery storm. Talk about getting behind before you’ve even started!

Our next hurdle to face was an early Easter, just 3 weeks after the snowstorm of the decade, a long bank holiday weekend adjourned business proceedings too. However, this was further worsened by the Spring bank holiday weekends in May… I remember thinking, ‘can we crack on now?!’

Along with the month of May came the dreaded GDPR deadline. And like other business leaders, I spent hours upon hours ensuring my business was completely compliant with the regulations, resulting in more lost time where we instead could have been doing actual business.

As the weeks drew into June, the long-awaited World Cup began. Whilst Gareth Southgate successfully guided the team into the semi-finals, the whole country went into euphoria, booking days off work and generally being distracted by World Cup fever. Seems to be getting a bit silly now, right?

You would think that after all this distraction we would be getting back to it, yet we still had another barrier to tackle. Temperatures topping 36 degrees throughout July, which is also school holiday season, began yet another period of lacking concentration and productivity. I was beginning to wonder whether businesses will actually be doing any business this year…

Yet as the schools returned last week, I started to notice how many people are ‘waking up’ and realising we are now in September, the leaves will be falling and the ‘C’ word is starting to circulate. In light of this, it is the perfect time to be recruiting. Bringing in new talent is the ideal way to kick-start your business activities again.

Brush aside the year’s obstructions and get in touch to find out how we can help you recruit the perfect talent, to ensure your business carries on doing what it does best.