One of the nation’s favourite shows has returned to our screens over the last couple of weeks. We are all pleased to see beautiful baked creations back on the TV and not to mention Paul Hollywood’s crazy blue eyes… However, as business leaders we can learn from the strategic planning, endless recipes and many methods used by this year’s bakers in our recruitment techniques.

Strategic Planning

This level of preparation should be interpreted into how we find the perfect employees for our businesses. How can we achieve our aims of growth, success and a good reputation without strategically thinking about who we are looking for? When integrating a new member of the team, it is always important to consider how they will blend with other flavours…*cough* sorry, I meant members of staff. There’s nothing worse than the classic toothpaste and orange juice combo, and employee politics can also leave a similar bitter taste in your mouth…. Just saying.

Recruitment Recipe

Before you begin to look for your next hire, you also need to write the recipe containing your key characteristics to be possessed by the ideal applicant. I have previously devised a ‘Recruitment Pie’, outlining what I believe to be essential ingredients when recruiting.

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Engagement
  • Character
  • Instinct
  • And just a sprinkle of something special…
The Method

Even though you have planned and created your recipe, your method can still make or break your recruitment process. Alike with baking, if you don’t prove your dough for the right amount of time or fold enough air into your mixture, your showstopper can turn into a heartstopper…

There are so many methods to choose from, with recruitment I mean, not baking. There is never one job board or channel that works the best and that is where we come in. We will take your recipe and whip it up into a job board compliant, keyword searchable advert, before broadcasting it onto up to 7 of the UK’s premier job sites, as well as social media. This highly effective process is designed to attract applications to your role, whilst our awesome technology and knowledgeable team support your in-house recruitment methods and help you recruit your Star Baker.

Want to find your showstopping candidate? Please contact us on 01473 276146 to find out more…