It’s an old saying, but still rings true. You’ve written a good advert/job spec and you’re hoping to get great candidates coming through the door. But how do you make sure you get someone who can walk the walk and not just talk the talk? And of equal, if not greater importance, can you be sure that this person will fit in with the rest of the team and the culture of the company?

It’s true that first impressions count, and you’ll probably get a feel for someone after just a few minutes of meeting them. You can ask them all the usual interview questions, but a few tips would be:

  • Be clear about the type of person you’re looking for and your expectations.
  • Try and get across the culture of your business, what type of working environment you promote and any quirkiness that may not suit all, so that a candidate is clear on what they should expect.
  • If you’re keen, get them to meet the staff they’ll be working with. A short chat can be enough for both sides to decide if they’ll be a good fit and save you time and money if either side feels they don’t fit in.

If you’re wanting to sort the wheat from the chaff, setting a candidate a task can be a sure-fire way to get an interviewee who is really keen to work for your company. Those who aren’t interested are unlikely to want to go to those lengths.

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