You’ve attracted an awesome employee with great skills who fits into your company perfectly – Sit back and relax, you’ve done the hard work or have you……..

Recruitment costs can have a huge impact on your overall budget if employees leave after a short period, so how do you make your employees loyal to you.

Read our top 5 tips on retaining staff:

1. Make sure your staff know just how much you appreciate them, we don’t mean that you have to tell them every day, but occasional praise and a thank you for hard work goes a long way. How about incentivising your staff to achieve targets to contribute to the success of your company, the reward could be as simple as leaving off a couple of hours earlier or £10 coffee voucher.

2. Encourage your team to contribute ideas to the running of the company and use them (the good ones obviously). Your staff know the nuts and bolts of your company, so why not ask them how you could improve processes, save money, attract new customers etc. They could suggest something that makes or saves your company time, effort and money.

3. Pay a decent salary, be aware of what your competitors are paying and be at least on par.

4. Develop your staff’s skills – The vast majority of employees would jump at the chance to enhance their skills and develop their careers. Investing in upskilling your employees shows that you have faith in them and want them to succeed within the company.

5. Opportunities to grow – It’s important for employees to feel motivated and challenged. If an individual is motivated, they can see how they can progress their career with you. They will strive to do the best job they can to prove that they are worthy of being promoted. If an employee can see an achievable career path at your company, they are more likely to be loyal.

By giving thought to the above five steps, you could see a positive impact on your productivity and profitability and create a great place to work too!