Our clients tell us that recruiting is getting harder and they’re missing out in the battle for the best individuals. So how do you make your role the candidate’s number one choice?

Read our top five tips on recruiting a candidate for your role:

Tip One – Preparation

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Wise words when it comes to recruiting. The way you recruit a candidate speaks volumes about your business. Start by allocating enough time to the recruitment process; give plenty of time for interviews and have all documentation ready to send out/supply to the candidate. If you come across as organised and prepared, this will reflect well on your business and procedures.

Tip Two – Less talking

As a general rule, during the interview, the interviewer should only do about 20% of the talking. Allow the candidate to talk freely and to tell you about themselves and their career history. Your 20% of time should be used to ask questions to gather candidates experiences to ensure that they are capable of fulfilling your needs.

Top Three – Sell your business

Tell the candidate about the working environment and what culture they can expect working with you, the plans for the business going forward, the benefits of working for you and generally sell your company to make it stand out amongst others, whilst obviously being truthful.

Tip Four – Move quick

Great candidates don’t hang around for long and if you work in a sector where there is a lot of competition for candidates you need to move quickly. If you interview a great candidate and think that they could be a good fit for your role, get them back for a second interview quick smart and have a draft contract prepared just in case you want to make the offer at that stage.

Tip Five – Remember it’s a candidates market

Now is a great time for candidates to be looking for jobs, especially if they are good candidates. And that just brings us right back to tips one, three and four!

Recruitment is time-consuming and if you are a small-medium business with little or no resource for recruitment or a large business who is struggling to attract the right candidates a recruitment consultancy can help you achieve your recruitment goals.

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