Are you suffering from Blue Monday? Let us help you #screwbluemonday.

The 15th of January has been given the rather depressing title of “Blue Monday”. It’s been put down to post-Christmas blues combined with January credit card bills, the weather and the short days and dark evenings. For some, it can breed thoughts of seeking new jobs and challenges, but for others, some small changes can get you back on the motivated train.

We’ve pulled together some tips to help keep you motivated on Blue Monday and beyond:

Ditch the phone

Chances are, scrolling through photos of your mates on holiday or doing something more fun than work, won’t help your work motivation. Switch your phone to silent and pop it in your drawer or bag to avoid being distracted.

Have a sort out

If your desk is untidy, it’s unlikely to be helping your productivity. Take some time to have a sort out – clear desk, clear mind!

Dress Up

We don’t mean stick a Spiderman suit on for work. Make an effort with your outfit, how you are dressed can have a huge impact on your day. If you go to work dressed in whatever you found crumpled on the bedroom floor, you’ll not start the day on the right note. Put something on that makes you feel good and you’ll be surprised by how different you feel walking into your workplace.

Be inspired

Is there someone who is an icon to you? Follow them or other motivational speakers on LinkedIn or Instagram, that way, you’ll see their blogs and inspirational quotes they might post.

Music can also be great for boosting motivation. Try listening to feel-good music on the way to work to lift your mood. Some 70’s Disco or even some upbeat House music and never forgetting the one and only Elvis Presley would always be some of our go to music here at Spider HQ!

Start your day with a “Good Morning” and a smile!

Not only will you feel happier and more motivated, but you’ll be brightening someone else’s day too. Spread happiness and become more motivated as a team.

And finally………

Have a To-Do List, but don’t make it too long. Have 2 or 3 smaller tasks to achieve each day and when they’re done, tick them off – it feels good doesn’t it?

And if you really are at the point that you need to change your job or career, take a look at the great vacancies we have on our website

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