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Do you have problems with staff taking lots of sick days?

High levels of absence are not good for business especially if you are a smaller company. The impact doesn’t only lead to reduced production but can also affect staff morale, lower the levels of customer service and ultimately cost you money. So how do you keep control/reduce the number of sick days taken by staff? Here are a few ideas from Spider HQ:

  • Have a Sickness & Absence Policy
    Be clear on your sickness/absence policy including how to report sickness, sick pay and any expectations on their return to work. Anyone managing staff can then deal with absences fairly and consistently.
  • Monitor Your Staff’s Sickness
    By monitoring your staff’s attendance, you will be able to track any trends and help highlight any recurring issues.
  • Conduct Return to Work Interviews (with all your staff on their return from absence).
    Return to work interviews are the ideal opportunity for your employees to highlight any actions you could take to help to reduce the number of sick days taken.
  • Improve the Workplace
    Make sure the environment is healthy and clean to help prevent germs spreading. Have a policy in place for contagious bugs, for example, a non-return to work rule for a 48-hour period after sickness. Place posters in the toilets reminding staff to wash their hands and provide antibacterial handwashes and gels.
  • Create a Great Environment
    Actively encourage a pleasant environment to work in to ensure that employees are happy in the workplace. Happy employees tend to take fewer days off sick.
  • Flexible Working Hours
    Flexible working hours can sometimes help those with a recurring health issue. Giving them the flexibility to work from home occasionally or work flexible hours (if full hours are completed in that week) can make a huge difference.
  • Treat Everyone Equally
    It’s important to treat all staff the same, letting individuals play the system or take advantage can have a serious effect on morale in the office. Always stick to the sickness policy to create an environment where everyone feels as important.

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