It’s National Employee Appreciation Day on Friday 6th March 2020. Will you take the opportunity to thank your staff for their hard work? Or do you believe that appreciation should be shown throughout the year?

Many could argue that they have initiatives in place to show their appreciation, so do we have to have a day to celebrate?
It’s important to tell your employees how much you value them but telling them once a year is probably too infrequent and a bit cliched. Your employees are your biggest asset, so making sure they are happy is important to the success of a company and can have a huge impact on the overall culture. So, how could you incorporate Employee Appreciation initiatives into your workplace:

  • Employee of the Month awards
    Ask your employees to nominate their colleagues for the accolade. Voting criteria could include someone who goes above and beyond and works with the company values at the heart of everything they do.
  • Be Social
    Quarterly social events for the whole team or office depending on your size are great for team building and increasing morale. Make sure you do hold them regularly to keep the momentum.
  • Rewards
    Offer incentives for hitting targets, breaking company records or bringing new business in and maybe present them in front of the whole team.
  • Food for thought
    Offer a weekly fruit basket, Friday pastries or lunch, go one step further and offer healthy alternatives to show you care about your staff’s wellbeing.
  • Be Flexible
    If you have a member of staff who regularly does extra hours, reward them by giving them a day or half-day off as a thank you.
  • Thank your staff
    A personalised thank you email or handwritten card can mean a lot to your staff, the value shouldn’t be underestimated.

Having an engaged and enthusiastic workforce has many benefits. From increased morale to lower staff turnover to impacting on the success of a business by improving customer service.

Employee Appreciation Day is about showing your employees you appreciate them, but let’s not do it just once a year, let’s make it an ongoing initiative to strengthen the bond between employer and employee.

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