Skilled worker

The British Chamber of Commerce reports the UK is currently the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world – impressive! However, more than 80% of manufacturers claim they have difficulties finding the right skilled staff to fill their roles.

The problem shows no sign of improving either. The average age of a highly skilled worker stands at 55 and this means there is a shortage of skilled workers coming through the ranks. So how can you prepare for the future?

Start by identifying your company’s staffing needs

Do you have age diversity amongst your skilled workers? What skills do your staff need? Do you have a fair distribution at all skill levels? If you know exactly the skills you’re looking for, it makes it easier to recruit.

Create a talent pool

Be a proactive recruiter by keeping a potential candidate database that you can recruit from when needed. This can be a database of previously shortlisted candidates or previous employees that you’d be interested in having back. For more information about Creating a Talent Pool, click here to read our blog.

Start a referral scheme

Encourage your staff to refer friends and family for your vacancies or potential vacancies by introducing a referral scheme.

Grow a great culture

Retaining your staff not only reduces your recruitment costs but can also improve productivity. Creating a company culture that values your staff and cares for their wellbeing and career progression can create a loyal workforce.

Recruit apprentices

Manufacturing as a sector can benefit from employing apprentices. The apprentice will be able to develop their skills and knowledge and ultimately get a qualification whilst increasing headcount and allowing you to train them to fit your needs for the longer term.

These are just a few ideas to help you with your recruitment problems if you’d like a bit more advice or ideas on how you can recruit to plug the skills shortage, speak to Spider to find out how we can help you from just £395 per Online Job Advertising campaign.

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