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Ahem….a little announcement from Spider HQ. I know that so many people are going through an awful time but we’d like to share a little good news… You may think we’re completely mad (it’s not the first time it’s been said) & it may seem like really rubbish timing, but we’ve been working on this for a while & we’re not going to let this horrible current situation scupper our longer-term plans.

I am so pleased to share with you that Spider has purchased the assets of polkadotfrog Ltd. We’ve also been lucky enough to secure the services of the fantastic Emma Cotton as the Recruitment Manager who will be running this division from today.

To delay moving this forward would have been a missed opportunity. Many local companies in the Suffolk area will know that the polkadotfrog brand is a powerful one and is a credible, well-liked recruitment business that has been synonymous with brilliant recruitment & we’re open for business.

polkadotfrog is now a division that sits under the Spider umbrella & will offer a complimentary service to our already successful Online Job Advertising & Specialist Recruitment teams. Headed up by Emma the polkadotfrog division will be recruiting within Office Administration, Finance, HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing & the Shipping & Logistic sectors & will offer Temporary & Permanent support in these markets. Emma welcome! So excited!