Pug in a blanket keeping warm

A talent pool is a list of individuals that you might be interested in employing. These may be unsuccessful candidates who have applied for jobs previously but were just too good to discount entirely.

They could be individuals who have sent their CVs to you expressing an interest in working for your company or an internal person who is showing great promise and is someone you’d like to keep within the business.

It’s great for any business to have a talent pool, but it’s no good having a database of people if you don’t engage with them and keep their interest “warm”. So how can you achieve this?

  1. Make them feel important
    Personalise their experience by calling or emailing them individually and not just sending a blanket “thanks but no thanks” letter/email.
  2. Feedback
    Give them good quality constructive feedback. Let them know why they weren’t quite right for one role but where you could see them fitting into your business as soon as an opportunity arises.
  3. Permission
    Ask them if they are happy for you to keep their details on file and contact them in future when a suitable position becomes available.
  4. Social media
    Suggest they follow your company on social media. They can keep a track f what’s happening at the company and any new roles that are being advertised. Also, you can keep an eye on their LinkedIn profile to see if they have moved on or acquired any new skills or qualifications.
  5. Communicate regularly
    Whether you keep your candidate details on a CRM system or an Applicant Tracking system, make sure you keep in touch. This could be a regular call or email, maybe distribute your company newsletter to them. An Applicant Tracking system is a great tool for any recruiting company as this can provide you with details of positions candidates have applied for, details of if they were successful or not and why not and also track any communication you have with the individuals.
  6. Show them your worth
    Make sure you make the whole process a great one. The way you treat this potential employee throughout the process will give them an opinion of the company overall. If they’re impressed, they’ll make it their goal to work for you.


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