Bold Carnival

It’s certainly been a challenging time!  Not a day goes by without hearing about another company that has had to make the difficult decision to reduce their head count.  Sadly more redundancies and restructuring will no doubt be on the cards.  Previously many companies despaired at the lack of skilled candidates available however looking to the future we will see great candidates on the move and motivated to work.

Many of these individuals will be in sales roles, marketing, customers services, engineering, retail, and other professions too. This could mean that there are some super-skilled individuals out there looking for a new role, so could your business benefit from this unfortunate situation and come out the other side with a stronger more skilled team?

We all live in the hope that in the very not too distant future, the economy will bounce back, and business will return to the levels they once were.  So…are you ready?

Being bold now and thinking about what your “dream team” would look like is your first thing to consider.  Do you have the right skills in your business?  What does your ideal look like?  Is now the chance to steal a march on your competitors by tapping into some of the readily available and motivated candidates that are currently in the market?   So think about your recruitment needs for when things to return to the new normal in the months ahead.  Are you going to potentially have different staffing needs, could you take advantage of this unprecedented situation by recruiting now and finding an absolute gem of an employee who some other company has let go.

Typically, it takes 56 days to recruitment a member of staff and if the experts are right, we could start seeing green shoots within the next couple of months, now would be a great time to advertise.  We are already seeing quality candidate flow increasing on all recent job advertisements across most sectors that we have published on behalf of our clients over the last few months.

Many would say fortune favours the brave and whilst we know that almost every manager or Business Owner has been through a challenging time now could be that time to take another risk and be bold with your recruitment plan.

To discuss how Spider could help you with any recruitment plans, whether that is how to advertise your roles in the most cost effective and time efficient way or support in helping you find a more niche skill set we’d love to  hear from you.  Call us on 01473 276146 or visit our website