So you’re a Manager, a Decision Maker or Director who swiftly moved your team and your businesses to work from home literally overnight and in a blink of an eye. Great job!!! It wasn’t easy but we did it right 💪

Now the critical situation has passed, the panic has subsided and normality kicks in; if you’re not already winging your way back to your office and workspaces, perhaps working from home will continue to be an option for you for the foreseeable future.  A top tip from Spider HQ is to ensure that you’re giving your team all of the correct equipment and kit that they may need to keep them working safely in their home environments moving forward.  Have confirmation from your employees by conducting a risk assessment survey to ensure they are all ready and able to continue to work from home for longer periods.

Nobody wants a compensation claim arriving on their desk anytime soon… but an even better reason is the health & wellbeing of your team!  Remember employers have to take reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work and this still is a requirement by law even if your team is working from home.

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