Coronavirus has created a strange, understandable mentality amongst us all. Covid-19 the invisible villain, who can travel within people who show no symptoms at all, has us on our guard. We walk down the street and dodge people, we keep our distance in the supermarket and we’re alert all of the time to try and keep ourselves as safe as possible.

So it’s understandable that your staff may feel a little nervous about you bringing in temporary agency staff they don’t know. But this shouldn’t stop you from considering temporary workers. Temporary staff can be a useful support to the business in areas where employees are furloughed due to parental responsibilities and self-isolating situations. So how can you reassure your permanent staff that you are keeping them as safe as possible?

  • Be clear with your team that the Temps are not to replace their furloughed friends but to support the business during busy spells, sickness cover or additional projects.
  • Have a robust onboarding plan with a Covid-19 policy and relay this to your temp agency so that they are fully aware of your expectations of staff before starting.
  • Rollout the Covid-19 policy to all employees so that they are aware of what’s expected of them and their colleagues.
  • Have an open-door policy so that staff feel comfortable coming to you with any concerns.
  • Use a reputable recruitment agency like polkadotfrog who are experienced in dealing with temporary staff. They’ll know what makes a good temp and will be able to ensure that you get the best candidates put forward.


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