Hear from Gail Shemming, Spider’s Key Account Manager, and her experience of working through one of the most challenging times known in our generation…

Working during COVID 19

During lockdown I am so proud of how we, as a team, managed to pick up our phones/ laptops and business and set up as a virtual office with no interruption to the service we provided our clients. Although we were all separated we were still a strong unit thanks to virtual meetings, supporting each other on calls as well as the regular ‘drive by’ hello’s from Michelle. 

Like many companies we had to take the difficult decision to furlough most of the team. This left us with 3 to run Spider HQ.  During this time we all put on whatever hats were needed to ensure existing clients were able to successfully run their campaigns as well as engaging with new clients too. I am so pleased with the work we did including supporting clients, where key workers were needed, ensuring they were able to keep running by helping them attract the right candidates online quickly via our advertising campaigns.

From a personal point of view I had to learn to juggle working from home (no problem done that before), home schooling (that was an experience) and being separated from our families (worst part).  I was really impressed with the comradery that I felt with all that we spoke to be that clients, suppliers, friends and families – I think because we were all facing the same uncertainty.

I was also thrilled that we have now brought back that last member of the team back into the office and it is great to all be working together again. I believe we have all come out of this stronger and know we are all supporting each other whatever 2020 (& beyond) throws at us!

My biggest lesson learnt from COVID is we can all work remotely, quickly and efficiently and that an ironing board makes a great makeshift desk!

Gail has worked for Spider for over 4 years and supports clients, large and small, across the region with online recruitment advertising strategies.