If you know the Spiders well enough you’ll know we love an awful joke…. Of course, it’s too long winded to share the bear joke here but do give us a call if you want to hear a cracker… 01473 276146.  It did get us thinking though as to why companies normally use this time to “pause” their recruitment plans.   For most, in many ways, this has been a very challenging year… And that, we know is an understatement!  However, this year December has been particularly busy here at Spider HQ and the most savvy businesses know that hiring people now for the New Year is a no-brainer.

Candidates are still on the move and so many sectors are experiencing incredibly busy times. Recruiting great people will never be a thing of the past, it will never not be needed and whether you love or hate them recruitment companies are here to stay.

So here are just three reasons as to why you should be advertising and recruiting now.

1) Typically, December is a haze of Christmas party hangovers, shutdowns, panicked pressie buying and endless car park queues.  This year is a different story.  Using the spare time that you have this December is a fabulous time to advertise your jobs.  Generally, it takes 56 days to hire a candidate so if you want that superstar to join your business in January you need to be looking now.

2) Candidates are so much more engaged. The world doesn’t seem so big anymore nor as fast and furious. Getting hold of candidates this December who are ready to have engaging conversations should be so much easier to facilitate. Make that call.

3) Whilst this post, we hope, has made you smile it does come with a serious message. This year we have seen so many candidates come to market due to the pandemic. We have seen people lose their livelihoods and some of these candidates have some seriously good skills.  As the economy starts to slowly recover next year your business will need these people as much as they need you and now is the most wonderful time of the year…To recruit!

So if you know you are going to be recruiting early next year we ask you to use “the big pause” to be ahead of the game for 2021.5

If you need advice, help or support on how to write your best recruitment advert yet and secure some of the best candidates talk to us. Spider is a multi-award-winning online job advertising service with prices starting from just £395!