Like so many business owners I was certainly glad to see the back of 2020.  Roll on to a more positive 2021 where the world may become slightly more normal again.  As much as it was probably one of the most difficult trading years we have seen, EVER, we still ended the year on a buoyant note. November was our busiest November in 3 years and our biggest month of 2020.  We certainly have learnt many lessons from being a Zoom Guru to knowing that an agile business that can diversify will survive  almost anything! We learnt new words like Furlough and COVID!  And I for one never wish to hear the word unprecedented again!

Whilst we still ended 2020 with a degree of uncertainty and Q1 is looking to be difficult I do look forward with optimism.  The decisions made last year on behalf of my business have been the right ones and we will not look back with any regret.  From restructuring our team, realigning our divisions and acquiring the assets of polkadotfrog ltd I believe that our foundations are right and ready for growth.  Sometimes business owners, leaders and managers are loathed to rely on their intuition and gut instinct but I move into 2021 more confident about our ability to make decisions quickly to ensure that we survive and then thrive.

A big genuine thank you if you have been involved with us in anyway during 2020, be that as a supplier, a client or a Spider fan, we really REALLY appreciate your support.

We wish you an awesome 2021 that is more productive and settled than before! But in the meantime stay well and say a massive GOODBYE to 2020….It’s certainly been emotional!