What a year to get caught up in the “Spider’s” web?

Meet Sophie Wood, Customer Service Account Manager of Spider and hear her thoughts on Furlough, the Future and 2020

“When I started with Spider in January 2020, I was excited and ready to hit the ground running. My training quickly got underway, I was learning the advertising process and getting in touch with all of our great clients. I quickly felt part of Spider HQ and soon felt like I had been with the business a lot longer.

At the end of March 2020, COVID-19 decided to put a hold on that! With this new word hitting our newsfeed and our country for six, we went into our first lockdown. Business decisions were made for the team and affected everyone differently. At the time you do not think about the positives and it was really tough but now I think how grateful I am sitting here today, still a part of Spider family, and that is the only positive I need to focus on.

Furlough was not a word that we were familiar within the working world. Without Furlough, I could have been in a very different position! In 2020  experienced full and part-time furlough first-hand.   It has had its positives and negatives. The first furlough took its toll on me from a mental health point of view. I was used to working every day to suddenly having so much time on my hands and dealing with challenges within my personal life too and I could not adapt to my new temporary life. During the second lockdown, I had been part-time furloughed. This gave me a lot more reassurance and was so much better for my mental health. I still had my routine, I could continue to develop within my role at Spider and I also had the added perk of some free time. I have been able to appreciate the second furlough scheme more than the first.

As I sit and look back on 2020, I’m so glad that I made it through in one piece, it was tough at times.  I’m also so pleased that as a business we came out of the crazy COVID times so much stronger than what we went in….I love my team, the people I work with and I’m now looking forward to getting my teeth into my role!   At Spider HQ we are looking forward to 2021 being a year of where we can continue to build on our relationships with new and existing clients, as we all adjust to our new ways of working.    I’m excited to be part of the team!  Onwards and upwards.”

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