Are you currently recruiting and seeing some potentially great candidates on the horizon? Are they giving you hope that the right candidate is out there?

If the answer is Yes – that is great news!

However, the world of Recruitment is booming and companies all over the country hiring – are you in danger of being ghosted by those sought-after applicants and missing out on that potential hire? That’s right, the term “Ghosting” is not just used in the dating world! Candidates in all sectors and all locations are at it as well!

But before you call in the gang from Most Haunted here are some Spider Top Tips on engaging with your candidates!

  • Get on it with that communication! – If you have had an application that is matching your requirements, do not hesitate in making contact as soon as possible! They may have applied for other roles and already be having conversations with those employers and hungry Recruiters. After all, there are a lot of roles and a lot of choice out there and great candidates are being snapped up quicker than a ?????!
  • Email Email Email! – If you have emailed the candidate and had no response after 24 hours, it could be worth following it up with a telephone call. Servers are becoming savvier against whom they let into their inbox and the original email may have been spammed (oh that old chestnut but it is true fact!)
  • Make That Call – Want to see how your candidate communicates? Give them an initial call for an informal chat. You can even email them whilst on the call to ensure they receive any written communication. Try not to do this on an unknown number as it can deter them from answering. If a candidate can see who the missed call is from, they will google it and track it back to you! (We have all done it – it helps to avoid the “Have you had an accident?” nuisance calls)
  • Texting – It may seem a little extreme however who doesn’t see their text messages? Sending a text to a potential candidate gives a higher probability that they will respond enabling you to arrange a mutually convenient time. Its not stalking – it is called thinking outside of the box!
  • Communicate with your candidates at a mutually convenient time!  An interview is a two way street.  Show your next superstar that you can offer flexibility by speaking to them out of their standard work hours, in the evenings, or lunchtimes.

Being proactive with your recruitment process and candidate communication will get you miles ahead in the race to hire… no more being left wondering what if.

Here at Spider, not only do we help businesses gain that wider candidate attraction, but we can also support with that communication too. Saving you time and avoiding the “ghosting” scenarios. Just call us the Ghostbusters!! Who you gonna to call? Call Spider!

Contact us on – 01473 276146 to discuss how we can help!