Don’t you just love a good headline to get the public panicking!? 

“It’s going to be the worst winter on record with temperatures plummeting to -15 across the UK” 

“Fuel will run out by 6pm this evening if you do not go and buy some NOW!” 

“Loo Roll supplies hit rock bottom and public are urged to use leaves!” 

When reading these media pushed stories it’s easy to believe the hype and of course some of it will be true. You begin to question yourself and whether perhaps you should go and join the petrol station queue. And let’s not go there about the loo rolls!

According to many reports new data has revealed that more than two in five (45%) employers consider talent recruitment the most significant HR challenge they will face in 2022 and beyond. Current statistics show that the number of vacancies available in 2022 are considerably higher than that of 2021 across many industries, for example in Hospitality its increased by whopping 296%! With Transport & Logistics following with 197%. That is a lot of jobs! 

Companies are focusing on one method of recruitment, whether that be via Indeed or LinkedIn, or perhaps just the use of social media. If this fails, it can be deemed as unsuccessful without exploring other routes. The competition against other employers is fierce so the key to making that hire is by gaining that wider reach across multiple platforms and having a multi-faceted approach to recruitment.  One route to market really will not guarantee success in today’s candidates led landscape. Doing so is how success is achieved. 

Other key factors to consider when recruiting in these competitive times include Branding and Candidate Experience.  The way in which a company presents their brand has a direct impact on their ability to attract and win talent. Keep the branding consistent, engaging, and attractive to potential candidates – it could be the difference between hiring or not! Be proud of your organisation and show why job seekers should want to join the business. 

When it comes to the hiring process it is not just potential candidates under the watchful eye. Potential employers are being monitored too! Talented people know they have multiple options, and they will not be afraid to say no to an offer if their expectations aren’t met. A poor candidate experience has repercussions —  49% of jobseekers  would reject a job offer after receiving a bad candidate experience. This can include lack of communication and a lengthy recruitment process… meaning those great applicants have long gone! 

And would you have guessed it? Spider can help with all these ingredients to make the perfect recruitment concoction! Yes, recruiting can be more challenging in the current climate – but it is possible!  

Our low-cost Recruitment Advertising service (yes you read that correctly…low cost!) can gain a wider candidate reach spreading the word of those vacancies to those who are searching for a new role and even enticing those who were not but will be now! We also use the power of social media which is a bonus and certainly captures a larger audience. Using the right job titles, even shortening them, and adding those additional keywords can make an enormous difference, enabling your role to be seen first.  Accompany that with immediate and proactive communication with candidates and the hiring process may not be so daunting or feel like a massive mountain to climb.   

HGV Drivers, Cabinet Makers, Office Managers, Account Handlers, Production Operatives, Tractor Drivers, Training Managers, Events Coordinators, Credit Controllers – we have managed to find these super-duper candidates that are now happily in their new roles and therefore we have very happy clients 

So, do not believe all of the hype. Whilst recruitment is certainly not easy it does not have to be so difficult; you just need to be one step ahead and leave Spider to do what we do – supporting you with multi award winning recruitment campaigns and helping you hire great talent. Want to know more about how we can help? Give us call on 01473 276146