After bidding student-life goodbye at graduation, armed with ambition and a degree, I found myself standing at the edge of adulthood, ready to embark on the daunting yet exciting journey of job hunting as a fresh graduate.

The job hunt:

With a world so full of opportunities, getting your ‘foot in the door’ can be harder than you expect. After sending hundreds of job applications and getting ghosted by recruiters, the thought of getting my foot in the door, let alone a toenail, seemed more distant to me than I thought!

But thankfully, my job hunt led me to secure a role at Spider and polkadotfrog. Instantly, I was attracted to their innovative approach to recruitment and commitment to fostering a supportive work environment. Finally, my days of being ghosted by recruiters were over! Their personal approach to me felt like a breath of fresh air! From my first interview to my first day, I was met with warmth, honesty, support, and positivity. The inclusive and friendly environment was something I was excited to be a part of and flourish in.

A new beginning:

The first day at work and being the newbie is nerve-wracking—all the what-ifs and newness—but as soon as I walked in, I was welcomed with enthusiasm and (even better) a lovely box of chocolates! Already, I was made to feel like I belonged there. Unlike in most corporate settings, where you’re thrown in the deep end with minimal training, the entire team showed me the ropes and guided me through the ins and outs of the business with patience and encouragement.

Throughout my first week, no day was the same. I quickly realised there would never be a dull moment working at Spider and polkadotfrog. I was kept busy with various tasks, from advert writing to social media posting to screening candidates, and I loved it! With so much variety in my day, I felt I was able to use a wide range of my skills, and despite being a fresh graduate, I was entrusted with tasks that enabled me to contribute meaningfully to the team’s goals.

A new-found home:

Although I have only been at Spider and polkadotfrog for two weeks, I have already learnt so much about recruitment, business, marketing, and more!  All my worries about joining a cold and grey corporate office have disappeared, as I have joined a supportive and inspiring environment here at Spider and polkadotfrog.

As the days go by, I look forward to continuing my journey and spreading my wings with Spider and polkadotfrog. Knowing that I am part of a company that builds me up and encourages me keeps me driven and motivated to always do my best!

Now that I have begun this new chapter of my life, it’s time I share some wisdom and offer my top tips for recent graduates out there on their job hunt:

1. Tailor your CV and cover letter to every role! Show off the skills that make you compatible and what interests you about the role.

2. Keep your CV short and snappy.  Emphasise the key points and don’t waffle! Recruiters look at hundreds of CV’s everyday so make sure yours can grab their attention.

3. Get networking. Cast a wide net and contact family, friends or even friends of friends to find out about opportunities – creating a LinkedIn profile is a great way to do this.

4. Entry-level roles are perfect for graduates! often requiring minimal experience and offering the opportunity to develop your skills.

5. Remain positive – job hunting isn’t easy! Rejections are inevitable and they’re not personal either. With determination and perseverance, you will find the right job for you.