LinkedIn reminded me last week that it’s been 11 years since I sat at the kitchen table with my £5k credit card and an idea to disrupt the local recruitment marketplace with Spider, the regions dedicated multi-job board advertiser offering SME’s a fixed fee way of advertising and recruiting online…Fast forward 11 years and we have now helped 1000’s of companies recruit 1000’s of great candidates and on average run 60 recruitment campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes across various industries every month…I couldn’t be any prouder!  Fixed fee recruitment advertising is here to stay!

It’s not been an easy ride though as most business owners will understand.  Most companies celebrate 10 years of business but last year I was feeling disheartened, deflated and kind of fed up that we hadn’t achieved the goals that I’d always dreamt of and I wasn’t running the kind of business that I longed for.  Since then we’ve made changes, addressed issues, and subtly “tweaked” various areas in the business.  We are now seeing growth again, the team is happy and we continue to build a loyal client base of companies who love what we do.  I now feel comfortable in celebrating our 11th birthday…

This milestone is not just a celebration of our company’s journey but also an opportunity to give back to the community that has supported us along the way. We know that not every business has grown, survived or thrived and we feel lucky that we can say that we have.  To celebrate our 11 years, we are excited to announce that we will be supporting 11 charities across the region by helping them recruit great people, free of charge over the next 11 months.  More details will follow so stay tuned to our social’s over the coming days to  find out more!

I remember the beginning like it was yesterday….the highs and lows that have shaped us. Each year has made us stronger and more resilient, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and genuinely placing our clients at the heart of everything we do.  We’ve won awards and accolades a many…including Small Business of the Year at the East Anglian Business Awards, IOD SME Director of the Year, and we have previously been selected for the Future 50.  Whilst this is fantastic our success is deeply rooted in the partnerships we’ve built over the years and in the past three years alone, we’ve had the privilege of working with 467 companies, each contributing uniquely to our growth and in turn us helping them achieve their people goals.

Our journey hasn’t been without its challenges. From navigating Brexit’s uncertainties to weathering the COVID-19 pandemic’s unprecedented storm, we’ve faced numerous obstacles. Yet, we’ve remained staunch, adapting with agility and resilience.  Always pivoting and looking for the opportunity to be better and be more to our client base.  In 2020, we made a strategic leap forward with the acquisition of polkadotfrog’s assets, a traditional recruitment agency, solidifying our position as a leader in the local recruitment industry and allowing us to broaden our services and better meet the evolving needs of our clients and candidates.

Throughout the rollercoaster ride of running a business, one thing has remained constant: our unwavering commitment to innovation. We’ve continually invested in cutting-edge recruitment technology and embraced new ways of working to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving recruitment marketplace.  And without our team at Spider HQ we are absolutely nothing.  A very wise man once said look after your team and they in turn will look after your customers.  To say I’m an avocat of this is an understatement.

As we celebrate 11 years of Spider, we extend a genuine thank you to our clients, candidates, partners and Spider fans who have been instrumental in our success. Your trust and support have been the driving force behind our journey, and we look forward to many more years of being part of the business community here in the East of England.

Here’s to the next chapter of our Spider adventure…bring on another 11 years.