Looking for a new career opportunity when you’re a Financial Adviser can be a tricky business. Posting your CV on job boards can result in being bombarded with calls from “recruiters” trying to place you in the most unsuitable roles. The thing is, the Financial Services Industry has a real shortage of Financial Advisers, so a lazy recruiter would use a scattergun approach and chance their arm by sending your CV out to any Financial Services companies in your chosen area and then sit back with crossed fingers. This is not the way a decent and professional Financial Services Recruiter works. But how do you know who can you trust?

What to look for in a Recruitment Consultancy:

  • A consultancy that has a Financial Services specialist who knows the industry inside out.
  • A Recruitment Specialist who will advise you of the best career opportunities in the market.
  • A consultancy who knows about career progression as a Financial Adviser.
  • A Recruitment Specialist who will listen to you and your career aspirations to find you the perfect role for your skills.
  • A Recruitment Specialist who isn’t afraid to say, you need to stay where you are and get more experience before making the next career step.

Why should you be picky?

  • The Financial Industry isn’t huge and if your CV is being sent to every Tom, Dick and Harry, word could soon get around that you’re looking for work – Confidentiality is key.
  • Some Recruitment consultants will view you as a “Fee Making Machine” and place you as quickly as you they can in an unsuitable role.
  • You don’t want your next career move to be a mistake.

So how can Spider help you? We have a Financial Services Specialist Recruiter who has worked in the field. They’ll have an in-depth confidential chat with you to find out about your past experience, where you’re hoping to go with your career, what sort of company you would like to work for and even make some suggestions along the way. We work with some of the biggest Financial companies in the UK and know our clients really well, this helps us to match the right candidates with the right roles. If you’d like to know more, call our Financial Services Specialist Recruiter, David Shuck on 01473 276146 or email david@spiderrecruit.co.uk.

Get posted onto multiple job boards

We can advertise your vacancy on national, local and specialist job boards We also offer bespoke recruitment advertising, online & offline, as well as the more traditional methods of recruiting.

What our clients have to say

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How can Spider help?

Spider is all about providing online & bespoke recruitment services to businesses in Ipswich, Suffolk, Norwich, Norfolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire.


Why use Spider?

Spider is not just a Recruitment Agency, we also can offer flat fee online recruitment advertising dedicated to supporting local businesses with low cost recruitment solutions that suit your budget.

We can advertise your vacancy on national, local and specialist job boards We also offer bespoke recruitment advertising, online & offline, as well as the more traditional methods of recruiting.

We take the leg work out of the recruitment process by providing you with a short list of pre-screened relevant candidates that suit your role.

Spider is based in East Anglia and our Recruiters & Account Managers have supported local companies when recruiting for over 20 years.

We help businesses that are looking for your skill set to find you. We do this for companies quickly with minimal fuss and minimal cost.

Priced from just £595 Spider can reduce your company’s recruitment costs compared to more traditional methods. This is all part of our guarantee.

A recent survey told us that 90% of our customers were extremely happy or very happy with their experience of using Spider.

From a recruitment agency search to organising Assessment Centres & delivering Onsite Recruitment Support – we can help. We are also experts in Head Hunting & Executive Search.